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City Council

Town Council meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month beginning at 5:00 p.m at the Town of Browning Council Chambers located at City Hall, 124 2nd Avenue N.W.

City Staff

Dan Madden, Acting Public Works Superintendent, Town of Browning
124 2nd Avenue N.W., PO Box 469, Browning, Montana 59417, 406-338-2344, fax 406-338-2605,

Jeri Lee M. LaTray, Town Clerk/Treasurer, Town of Browning
124 2nd Avenue N.W., PO Box 469, Browning, Montana 59417, 406-338-2344, fax 406-338-2605,

Pay My Bill Online

Welcome to the Town of Browning's online bill payment option at The first time only each customer will need to set up their account before having the ability to make payments.

Please click on to create your account and access the payment website.  The Web ID needed to complete the creation of your account is on your monthly statement.   If you have any questions or need assistance please call the Town of Browning, Monday-Friday 8-5, at 406-338-2344.

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Glacier County Treasurer's Office

Gail Augare stands ready at the branch office of the Glacier County Treasurer, up and running at Browning's City Hall. For many services, county residents now have a much shorter driving distance ahead of them. Photo by John McGill.

Glacier County will soon offer more services at Browning satellite office
(Feb. 07)
Glacier Reporter

It looks like Glacier County will be offering more services at its satellite office in Browning in the near future. Browning Mayor Willie Morris met with the Glacier County Commissioners on Tuesday, Feb. 6, and offered the county commissioners approximately 200 square feet more office space after a soon-to-be-constructed addition to their Town Hall is completed.

Glacier County Treasurer Kate Salois and Glacier County Sheriff Wayne Dusterhoff share one full-time employee who staffs the present satellite office. Morris suggested the county consider expanding the services currently offered to include: voter registration, obtaining and filing titles, paying taxes and obtaining birth and death certificates.

Glacier County Commissioner Michael DesRosier also suggested trying to get the state's driver's license examiner to spend a few days a week in Browning.

"I'm very happy with the progress we've made so far in expanding our service through our satellite office," said Salois. But she cautioned the commissioners and Morris to not rush into any agreements until she has the trained staff to provide the service.

"Let's ease into this," said Salois, who would like her staff to first become familiar with the new motor vehicle system the state is implementing before offering additional services. Once they have received the proper training, and are familiar with the new program, she said she would feel more comfortable expanding services to the Browning office.

"We are going to have all the organizational plates available in the satellite office after the remodel," said Salois. "Right now there is only room for the Town of Browning and veteran plates," she noted.

As it is now, when a vehicle is bought from a dealer, the paperwork comes to the Cut Bank office and the owners of the vehicle have to make a trip to Cut Bank to register the vehicle.

"Customers will now have the option when they buy from a dealer, to have the title work sent directly to the Browning satellite office," said Salois, offering this reminder, "The customer will have to request this at the dealership."

"I think it's working," said commission chairman John Ray, of offering county services at the satellite office. He asked Morris to prepare a proposal for the county to rent additional space from the Town of Browning and to come back and present that proposal to the commissioners. "We need to know how much it is going to cost us," said Ray.

Morris will prepare a cost estimate for an additional 200 square feet of office space and present it on Tuesday, March 6, at 10 a.m. At that meeting, the commissioners are expected to finalize an agreement to provide expanded services in Browning.

County Treasurer's Satellite Office is used extensively (Oct. 06) Glacier Reporter

Opening a satellite office for the Glacier County Treasurer's Office was a little controversial at first, but statistics from its first nine months prove it has been well received and well-utilized by west-end county residents.

Glacier County Treasurer Kate Salois met with the Glacier County Commissioners on Thursday, Oct. 5, to share with them usage figures from October 2005 through the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2006.

According to Salois, the office is manned five days a week, eight hours a day, by county employee Gail Augare. The small, compact office is housed in the Browning Town Hall and Browning Mayor Willie Morris has talked of expanding the area, which would allow Augare to stock more varieties of the state's more than 100 personalized plates. For now, due to the space limitations she only has the new Montana “regular issue” state plate, the veterans license plate and the Town of Browning personalized plate.

The number of license plate renewals processed by Augare during the nine-month period hit nearly 3,000. In January, she processed 396 transactions, the highest monthly total during the time monitored. On average, 302 transactions were handled at the office, which accounted for nearly nine percent of the total number of transactions in the county, reported Salois.

“It was a good decision on the county's part and the people are very appreciative of the service being offered,” Salois told the commissioners.

Financially, the satellite office is holding its own. During the nine-month period, a total of $22,582 in convenience fees were collected to offset Augare's salary of $21,908.30. The Glacier County Treasurer and Glacier County Sheriff's Office split the payroll and office expenses since Augare also performs duties for the GCSO in the office.

“I think it has been worth it,” said county commissioner John Ray.

“We've heard people say how nice and convenient it is. Now they don't have to take time off work to come and renew their license plates. And when gas prices were higher, many were thankful they didn't have to drive the 70 miles,” commented Salois.

“It's nice to see that is has been accepted and is a success,” concluded Ray.

Glacier County Treasurer's new office in Browning now open for business (Sept. 05) Glacier Reporter

The new branch office of the Glacier County Treasurer's Office was fully up and running at Browning's City Hall Monday, Sept. 26, 2005. The county's western residents now have a much easier option than the drive to Cut Bank in order to complete such business as motor vehicle renewals.

Gail Augare is the county's rep on-site, and her office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The office closes at 11:45 a.m. for lunch and reopens at 1 p.m. Besides renewing motor vehicle licenses, she is authorized to accept payment for driver's licenses up for renewal, but those people will still have to get to the Courthouse in Cut Bank for pictures and to take driving tests.

In addition, Augare said she is able to change Montana vehicle titles in the case of private sales only. No dealer sales will be processed in Browning, and all those transactions should be carried out in Cut Bank.

"People really like the idea of a local office here," Augare said, adding traffic into and out of the sheriff's office since last July has been heavy.

For more information, call 406-338-2389 or fax them at 406-338-3118.

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Police Department

The Town does not have a police force and relies on the Bureau of Indian Affairs to police the area.   The Town in turn provides fire protection to all of the outlying areas on the Blackfeet Reservation.   For emergencies call 406-338-4000 or in the area call 911.

Fire Department

In the case of an emergency, the Browning Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD) can be reached by dialing 911.  For other situations please call 406-338-3417.

DNRC grant will help keep Heart Butte Fire Department going. Glacier Reporter

Heart Butte Volunteer Fire Department Wild Gun and his force of volunteers were assisted by Gabe Renville of Blackfeet Housing in securing a grant for $11,111.11 from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.  Call the Heart Butte Volunteer Fire Department at 406-338-3500.

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Blackfeet Animal Control

In collaboration with the Blackfeet Tribe, the Town of Browning operates the Blackfeet Animal Control (BAC) program for the entire Reservation.  The program is unique in the sense that it operates solely on funding that is allocated from various programs, individuals, companies, and agencies in the region.

The department is operated by one officer who picks up, on average, 20-25 animals per week. The program has been a huge success in cutting down on the number of dog attacks and in policing the school areas.  The adoption program has also had major accomplishments in placing the animals.

Currently, the program is seeking funding to construct a new animal control facility that will accommodate the number of animals that we house on any given week.  The program has created an alliance with local middle school students in a joint effort to seek out donations and funding to help construct the new facility.

For further information on how to become a donor to the Blackfeet Animal Control program please send us an email,

Send us an email today with your questions, comments or donations.

call 406-338-2344 or

write the Town of Browning at 124 2nd Avenue N.W., PO Box 469,
Browning, Montana 59417-0469.

Green Grass Bull Animal Rescue

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"Be Kind to Animals Week"

American Humane created Be Kind to Animals Week in 1915 to celebrate the unique bond between humans and animals.  89 years later this special week still focuses on the companionship, friendship, and love pets bring to our lives -- and the debt humankind owes to all animals.

Hundreds of animal shelters throughout the country held special events to raise awareness, and people everywhere -- young and old -- got involved to learn about the amazing role animals play in our lives.  Be Kind to Animals Week is a great time to promote our nation’s humane societies and animal shelters and to encourage everyone to get involved to make a difference in the life of one animal or the lives of many.

Friends of E-mee-tah & Poos of Browning (Blackfeet Indian words for dog and cat) was created as a result of the great need for dog and cat rescue on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.  Since it’s inception, Friends has committed nearly $20,000 directly to medical needs of dogs and cats on the Blackfeet Reservation, the Town of Browning, and the town of Cut Bank – all in Glacier County, Montana.  Friends has worked directly with the Blackfeet Tribe and the Town of Browning in the sponsoring of free spay neuter clinics (carried out by the Montana Spay Neuter Task Force).  Friends of Ee-mee-tah & Poos is always in need of donations, dog food, collars and leashes, and people willing to adopt dogs and cats.  Persons willing to help can reach us at: Friends of Ee-mee-tah & Poos, PO Box 1754, Browning, Montana 59417.

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Water Department

The water department has two employees that have the responsibility of operating and maintaining two well fields that must produce enough water to satisfy 1591 residents and businesses that consumer 236,000,000 gallons of water in 2001.  Along with the well fields they must also maintain 28 miles of main transmission water lines.

The Town, for several years, has had problems producing enough water due to drought and overpopulation for the existing system.  In 1999, a water task force was formed to address this problem.  Today this task force has the solution not only for the water problems for the Town but also for the community of East Glacier   In a joint venture between the Town of Browning, the Blackfeet Tribe, East Glacier Water and Sewer District, and Indian Health Service a new water source and plant are under construction to provide water to both East Glacier and Browning with the completion of the Blackfeet Community Water Project.

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Streets & Parks

Recently the Town was fortunate enough to receive resurfacing of all the streets from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Mayor's Cup Run stationed at Browning's City Park during North American Indian Days. The City Park was just renovated and still in the evolution process.  Recently, the park has had new grass planted along with trees that were made possible through a Arbor Day Grant issued from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.  The Town also installed benches and picnic tables as well as a native plant garden.  This area is used for numerous community gatherings.

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Wastewater Department

The wastewater plant for the Town is unique due to the fact that it was one of the first plants to use Wind Energy to supplement the energy needs of a waste treatement facility.   The wind turbines were the result of a grant sponsored by the Department of Energy. The manager of the project was Marty Wilde with Siyeh Development, Inc.

The plant is a three cell aerated lagoon system that uses ultra violet light to disinfect the effluent.

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Solid Waste Department

The Town operates one of two solid waste disposal entities in Browning. The Town's Solid Waste Department picks up the majority of the community and uses a conventional packer truck with two employees to provide the services.

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Town of Browning Ordinances

The Town's of Browning Ordinances are available as PDFs. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to access PDF documents. Click here to download it for free.

  • Title 1 - General Provisions
  • Title 2 - Administration & Personnel
  • Title 3 - Revenue and Finance
  • Title 4 - Water and Sewer
  • Title 5 - Business License and Regulations
  • Title 6 - Police and Fire Departments
  • Title 7 - Health and Welfare
  • Title 8 - Animal Control
  • Title 9 - Public Peace, Morals and Welfare
  • Title 10 - Vehicles and Traffic
  • Title 12 - Streets and Sidewalks

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    Town of Browning Montana City Hall

    Town of Browning

    124  2nd Avenue N.W.

    PO Box 469

    Browning, Montana 59417

    Phone: 406-338-2344

    Fax: 406-338-2605

    Send us an email today with your questions or comments.